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Saint Sarah

Sarah is a straight lace, straight-A student, co-captain of the basketball team, and Sister Ann's favorite. She also may be possessed. A teen horror exorcism play, Saint Sarah investigates the relationship between Catholicism and queerness. [Read on NPX]

  • (upcoming) Reading; Theatre Zoomed 2 You; August 2020; dir. Irene Lazaridis

Beat Bobby Flay

Bianca journeys into the Atomic Wasteland searching for her dad, instead she finds some wares, some dust, and national treasure, Ina Garten. [Read on NPX]

  • Workshop; The Tank; July 2019; dir. Jake Beckhard

A New Colossus

As Metropolis prepares to erect a statue for its favorite superhero, backlash rises after a shoplifting gone wrong leaves Jay and Ollie orphaned. [Read on NPX]

  • Reading; Make/Shift; September 2018; dir. Irene Lazaridis


Two kids play pretend, two teenagers experiment, and one college student downloads grindr. A coming of age story in three parts, NSA mashes together two gay men at three points in their life and calls into question the cycle of use and abuse learned in the gay community.

  • Workshop; The Dixon Place Hot!Fest; June 2017; dir. JB Douglas

The Blood of Zeus

The Blood of Zeus uses Greek myths to examine gender roles in modern society. The play is rich in Greek mythology, action, romance, track and field events, metamorphoses and lots and lots of stage blood.

  • Workshop; Alchemical Theatre Laboratory; July 2015; dir. E.J. Meehan


Fly Me to the Moon So I Can Fuck It

Four amateur scientists embark on a Jeff Bezos-funded space expedition to the moon, but some of them have ulterior motives: they desperately want to fuck the moon.

[Read on NPX]

- Workshop; Box Theatre Company; February 2020; dir. Sarah Metcalf

Beat Bobby Flay

Brioche makes bread. Honey Wheat goes to the grocery story. The cat died. They're not over it. A play that takes place during quarantine but isn't about quarantine. 

​[Read on NPX]

Beat Bobby Flay

Melissa is competing on Beat Bobby Flay, the popular Reality TV program with deadly consequences, but her daughter, Bianca, really doesn't want her to.

  • Workshop; Undiscovered Countries; March 2017; dir. Jenna Antoniades

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